Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PERFORMEANDO at GLASSHOUSE ArtLiveLab on 03/21/2015

“Alien” -PERFORMEANDO’s second event program for 2015 will take place at the GLASSHOUSE ArtLifeLab in Brooklyn, New York City. Participating artists will explore and treat notions pertaining to citizenship, legality, otherness and strangement in the context of migration politics in the USA. Questions such as: Who is an alien? What is an alien in the USA? Where do aliens come from? as well as ideas about alienation, marginalization, assimilation and inclusion will be treated. The program consists of 20 minutes individual and collective performances by artists selected from a city-wide open call.

Under the curatorial direction of NYC artist Hector Canonge, seven artists who refence various Hispano-American countries were selected from a city-wide open call. Participating artists include:

Sebastian Carrasco, “Displaced” (Colombia).
Shawn Escarciga, “Claro” (Mexico).
Ray Ferreira, “Mo0o0oo0o0vin/wat1salr3adyth3r3” (Dominican Republic).
Angela Freiberger, “Excess” (Brazil).
Carlos Martiel, “Sospechoso” (Cuba).
Yolteotl -Ixtel & Kino, “America’s Greatest Alien” (Mexico).

Note: country in parenthesis denotes Hispanic heritage, and in many instances, not place of birth.

Directions to GLASSHOUSE:
246 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Between Scholes and Meserole)
-- Nearest subway stations: L (Lorimer), G (Broadway), M & J (Hewes)  

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