In 2014 PERFORMEANDO was presented  in Berlin, Germany, during the annual program Month of Performance Art.  

The program featured artists whose work explored notions of identity, culture and geography during two presentations:

May 16th at the MPA-HUB
Artists for the program included: Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez with
"El Grito De Gallos" (The Scream of Cocks) a piece that continues their exploration of nostalgia and mourning to touch on issues of colonial exploitation of the Caribbean; Veronica Peña brought "The Wall" a very personal, participatory performance inspired by memories of her father and the emptiness left after his suicide; Allison Fuentes engaged the public to question their culturally perceived notions of space and privacy with "Race," a performance that satirizes the display of a racetrack, and Hector Canonge presented "Laqhiy" (Peeling) a new work created while living for the past few months in South America.

May 18th at Organ Kritischer Kunst.
Selected artists for this special presentation included: Ian Deleón and Anabel Vázquez with "Pumpkin Magic" a performance Inspired by the historical relationship between the Spanish Caribbean and Germany through references to the tantalizing settler incentives of the 19th century, Allison Fuentes with “Race”, an engaging performance that motivates the public to question their culturally perceived notions of space and privacy with by satirizing the display of a racetrack, Verónica Peña, "The Door," a performance about love, desire, and separation due to immigration policies in the US, and Hector Canonge, "Ch'irmi" (from the Quechua word for Blink) a new work created while living for the past few months in South America.

Participating Artists:

Hector Canonge, curator, as an artist he thematizes the construction of identity, gender roles, and migration policies. Challenging the white box settings of a gallery or a museum or intervening directly in public spaces, his performance mediate movement, endurance, ritualistic processes and interactive narratives that prompt public engagement, dialogue, and reflection.

Ian Deleon's multidisciplinary practice explores the ways in which information media, popular culture, and consumer products serve to reinforce problematic colonial narratives, especially in the context of the Caribbean. Deleon received a B.F.A. from the Studio for Interrelated Media department at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Allison Fuentes is a performance artist with an academic background in fine art photography. Fuentes’ work explores issues of gender and identity. As a female artists working in a male dominated medium Fuentes uses the gaze to her advantage as she questions the voyeuristic quality of photography.

Anabel Vazquez is an artist and independent curator. Her photography, film, and video, explores sociopolitical issues from an autobiographical perspective, and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Vazquez studied Painting at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, and Photography and Film at The Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Veronica Peña is a multidisciplinary artist from Spain based in New York. Peña’s work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through performance art. Her recent work consists of experimental participatory performances that create shared moments amongst strangers. 


Veronica Peña and Berlin collaborators

Ian Deleon and Anabel Vasquez

Hector Canonge

Artists at MPA-B HUB

Allison Fuentes

Ian Deleon and Anabel Vasquez

Veronica Peña

Hector Canonge

Artists at Organ Kritischer Kunst