Created by artist, Hector Canonge, PERFORMEANDO was launched in 2013. It had its origins in NYC based on his observations about the need to foster the production and presentations of performance art works created by artists who identify themselves as Latin/no/na or Hispanic living and working in the USA. Canonge had an open call inviting artists to be part of the collective.  In a matter of months, he launched the initiative in collaboration with participating artists and hosting intitutions. PERFORMEANDO aims to highlight the work(s) of artists who identify themselves as Latin/na/no or Hispanic involved in Live Action Art.  It serves as platform for dialogue and exchange, and fosters collaboration as well as the creation of future worldwide networks in Performance Art. 

- April 6th at Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC. 

- April 27th at Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn, NYC. 

- June 1st at Buschwick Open Studios, BOS 2013 for Spread Art, Brooklyn, NYC. 

- June 7th at Corner Stone Center, Inwood, NYC.

Participating Artists (In alphabetical order):
Note: country in parenthesis denotes Hispanic heritage, and in many instances, not place of birth):

Ivy Castellanos (Bolivia)
M. Fernanda Hubeaut (Argentina)
Samantha Galarza (Puerto Rico )
Ricardo Gamboa (Mexico)
Ximena Izquierdo (Peru)
Benjamin Lundberg (Colombia)
Geraldo Mercado (Puerto Rico)
Renzo Ortega (Peru)
Jolie Pichardo (Dominican Republic)
Polina Porras-Sivolobova (Mexico)
Jorge Rojas (Mexico)
Bryan Rodriguez (Peru)
Maira Vaz Valente (Brazil)

Organized and curated by Hector Canonge.


Jorge Rojas

Ximena Izquierdo

Geraldo Mercado

Polina Porras - Sivolobova

Bryan Rodrigues

Samantha Galarza

M. Fernanda Hubeaut

Renzo Ortega

Maira Vaz Valente

Benjamin Lundberg

Ivy Castellanos

Ricardo Gamboa

Jolie Pichardo

Performeando in the Heights

Hector Canonge