Future meetings, events and presentation programs for PERFORMEANDO in 2015 are:

- January 30, 7:00 PM
Meeting: "Class Reunion"
Glasshouse Art Life Lab  -Brooklyn, New York City, USA. -->
Artists who participated in previous events and programs gather to share and discuss future presentations and collaborations. By invitation only.

- February 21, 3:00 PM
Event: "Home"
Queens Museum -Queens, New York City, USA. -->
This is the first performance event for the year. Participating artists have been selected from an open call invitation to explore the theme of "HOME"  Works included in the program treat notions pertaining to questions such as: what is home?, where is home?, what makes a home, a person's country? and/or how does one build notions of homeland?… The program consists of 15 minute performances created specifically for the event.

- March 21, 7:00 PM
Event: "Alien"
Glasshouse Art Life Lab -Brooklyn, New York City, USA. -->
The second event program for 2015 gathered artists who explored and treated notions pertaining to citizenship, legality, otherness and strangement in the context of migration politics in the USA. Questions such as: Who is an alien? What is an alien in the USA? Where do aliens come from? as well as ideas about alienation, marginalization, assimilation and inclusion ere treated.

- April 25, 2:00 PM -->

Event: "Of Food and Other Pleasures"
Grace Exhibition Space -Brooklyn, New York City, USA.
PERFORMEANDO’s third installment in New York City, “Of Food and Other Pleasures” derives its name from one of the literary works of Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Of Love and Other Demons. The ludic game of words –food and love, pleasures and demons, frame this special presentation of Live Action Art in a set of playful and emotive performances.

- May 28 - 30, Various hours and sites -->
Event: "New World"
Month of Performance Art, MPA-B 2015: Anthology, Berlin, Germany.

- June 20 - 30
Program: "American Journeys"
Various sites along the Eastern Sea Board of the USA.
An on the road program featuring the work of Latin American artists.

- August 15 - 25
Program: "Residential"
Place will be announced, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

PERFORMEANDO will take place every month starting February 2015.