Monday, February 16, 2015

PERFORMEANDO at Queens Museum on 02/21/2015

The first event of PERFORMEANDO for 2015 will take place at the Queens Museum.  The program explores notions of "Home" and pertain to questions such as: What is home? Where is home? Is home where the heart is or where the money is made? Is country analogue to the notion of home? How does one build notions of homeland?...

Under the curatorial direction of NYC artist Hector Canonge, twelve artists coming from nine countries were selected from a city-wide open call. Participating artists include:

Maria Builes (Peru)
Susana Cortez (Mexico)
Oscar Diaz (El Salvador)
Raquel du Toit (Mexico)
Camilo Godoy
Ma. Fernanda Hubeaut (Argentina)
Geraldo Mercado (Puerto Rico)
Caryn Moriah (Puerto Rico)
Lisa Parra (United States)
Claribel J. Pichardo (Dominican Republic)
Bryan Rodriguez (Peru)
Collective Marea Granate (Spain)

Note: country in parenthesis denotes Hispanic heritage, and in many instances, not place of birth. --

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